We’re Looking For You!


We want to shine the spotlight on you!

We want to shine the spotlight on you!

We’re looking for fun n’ crazy folks like your good self to come and join our Boylexe posse…

We’re an emerging entertainment brand and we’re looking for sexy, edgy, interesting or humourous male performers and dancers to join our Boylexe troupe from late spring.

We’re currently looking for performers for a series of pop-up performances on a Saturday night; for guests at our forthcoming monthly residency and for corporate work. All positions are paid. 

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Happy Boylexmas!

Thank you for helping make 2014 another special Boylexe year for us…

- We’ve had a series of stonking shows in the lovely revamped Shadow Lounge

- Made lots of new friends both on and offstage

- Did some very special and memorable private shows and guest performances

- Made our first film

… And now have a London Cabaret Awards nomination for Best Ongoing Production. Whoopee!

Boylexe Backstage

We’ll be back in 2015 for more cabaret and cock.

Have a great one!


Image via Phil InGud’s Instagram (from left to right: Esquire De Lune, Randolph Hott, Phil InGud and the Mighty Moustache)

Male Striptease Show Boylexe on 26th September

Phil InGud by Lucy Loves Circus

Phil InGud by Lucy Loves Circus

Male striptease show Boylexe features a fine selection of specimens for your entertainment on Friday, 26th September.

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Jeyjon Guests at Boylexe on 26th September

On 26th September for our final show in the current run, we’re thrilled to welcome a new guest outside of the world of boylesque and cabaret to Boylexe…

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for Jeyjon.



Working with Dead or Alive in the 90s, he’s subsequently evolved as an electro-dance performer who’s fused his sound with the guilty pleasures of 70s soul and disco to create a fiercely modern sound.

Check out his new video for Let’s Fantasize below, which comes from the album Augmented Disco which he’s chosen to launch at Boylexe at the Shadow Lounge.

He may (or may not) be taking his clothes off but Jeyjon certainly reflects what we’re about as artists and performers. We can’t wait to welcome him into the Boylexe family.

For further information, please visit the official Jeyjon website.

Ticket details for 26th September below.

Randolph Hott at Velvet Tongue

Randolph Hott

Randolph Hott

On 26th October, Randolph Hott will be performing his ‘Look at me’ monologue for Ernesto Sarezale’s Velvet Tongue event.

Velvet Tongue is an Erotic Literary Soiree which takes place at The Book Club, 100 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH, nearest tube stations Old Street or Shoreditch High Street. Tickets are £5 / £3.

For its pre-Halloween edition, Velvet Tongue promises a taste of the whip… and of leather, among other dark and sensual delights. Find out more at the Velvet Tongue.

For further information, on the venue, please visit: wearetbc.com