Male Burlesque Show Boylexe at the Shadow Lounge

Boylexe is back second Friday of the month

Boylexe is back second Friday of the month

Soho Cabaret Boylexe is back for the third year at the Shadow Lounge – and ladies and gentlemen, what line ups we have for you: new faces, new acts and some classics too.

Here’s our cast which changes and grows regularly from show to show with special guests to be announced for each show…

Alp Haydar – our host with the most
Phil InGud – will be watching girls
Meth – will be ‘Roar’ing
Pi The Mime – won’t be saying a thing
Randolph Hott - wants you to lean forward
Phoenix - will be rising from the flames to lapdance you
Esquire De Lune - will be falling from heaven on 14th August
Baby Lame – his Anaconda don’t on 14th August

And oh yeah, Bobby Dee’vah will be doing whatever we tell Bobby Dee’vah to do. And probably not very well. Honestly, you can’t get the staff etc.

Next dates are: 14th August and 11th September at the The Shadow Lounge, 5 Brewer Street, London W1F 0RF

All the magic kicks off with 2-for-1 cocktails round the corner at Balans if you show your Boylexe ticket, then your evening looks like this…

730pm – Doors
8pm – Show
10pm – Club night

 or cabs

Nearest tubes are Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, buses you’ll have to look up innit.

‘Cause if you can’t get into The Box, our box is always open for your business.

And here’s all the other info you may need like tickets, trailer n’ shit.

Soho Cabaret Boylexe on 14th August

Esquire De Lune

Esquire De Lune

Soho Cabaret Boylexe is back on 14th August for the third of our 2015 shows at the Shadow Lounge – and ladies and gentlemen, what a line up we have for you: new faces, new acts and some classics too, here’s who you’ll be undressing with your eyes (if they don’t get there first!)

Our host with the most Alp Haydar will be hosting for your pleasure…

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Introducing Pi The Mime

Pi the Mime

Pi the Mime

On 12th June, we are pleased to introduce three new performers to Boylexe; Pi the Mime, Throberto and Phoenix.

Here’s your chance to get a little bit more intimate with Pi the Mime who’s been popping up as part of the Saturday night Shadow Masochism experiences. Here’s what you need to know about this new star on the rise…

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Boylexe for Shadow Masochism

Male Striptease

Male striptease and boylesque show Boylexe is taking a step over into the dark side from this Saturday onwards when we will be shaking our booties in a whole new way for Shadow Masochism at The Shadow Lounge!

Our artists will be performing a series of extravagant pop-ups showcasing a brand new side to our work – there’s a clue in the title.

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We’re Looking For You!

Male Performers

We’re looking for fun n’ crazy male performers like your good self to come and join our Boylexe posse…

We’re an emerging entertainment brand and we’re looking for sexy, edgy, interesting or humourous male performers and dancers to join our Boylexe troupe from late spring.

We’re currently looking for performers for a series of pop-up performances on a Saturday night; for guests at our forthcoming monthly residency and for corporate work. All positions are paid. 

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