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Looking for New Acting Talent


Pioneering boylesque show, Boylexe is looking for new acting talent.

We are currently taking a short hiatus after a lovely run in Spring/Summer 2016 with our co-conspirators in glitter, Burlexe for This Is Burlexe at Cecil’s, but are now specifically looking for actors for our future productions.

If this is something you, or anyone you know, would be interested in, please email for more information.

Meanwhile, we’re currently working on the following…

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Boylexe Presents Mr Crute

Boylexe Presents Mr Crute

At the heart of our boylesque Boylexe show are the stories of performers and artists and the challenges they have overcome to have their voices heard, so it made sense to start adding these stories as part of our Burlexe Burlesque YouTube channel.

Burlexe is our sister burlesque show, which kicked things off in 2010.

Last year, we published a script sparked by the LGBT issues in Russia and how those events affect artists and their self-expression. Read the Boylexe script.

We’ve subsequently filmed the story with Mr Crute, now one of the regular stars of boylesque show Boylexe. Which we present to you here…

Image by Boylexe Artistic Director Howard Wilmot, follow him on Instagram