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What is Boylesque?

Boylesque guru British Heart answers the question: what is boylesque?

How is boylesque manifested?
There is not one definitive style of boylesque, some boylesquers adopt key burlesque moves and aesthetics such as the bump, grind, rhinestones and corsets, whilst others rely on prior dance/movement/performance training.

What sort of acts are there?
I have witnessed boylesque stripping on pogo sticks, or doing acro-balance, others use aerial circus, puppetry, unicycle, hardcore strip moves, pole dance, plate spinning, female impersonation, magic, mime, clowning, satire, or musical theatre, these lists are comically endless.

Each individual may present a range of attitudes throughout acts; charming, cheeky, twee, dead-pan, a ‘wotever’ attitude, camp, they can be aggressive, nonsensical, heroic, pathetic, and sensual, they may stand on stage glaring at you giving you the finger, they may even forcefully keep you, the reader of the performance, reading. But I ask the reader not to be confused about what is boylesque, it’s simple: it’s burlesque!

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What is Boylesque?

What is Boylesque

Boylesque superstar British Heart reveals all(!) and answers the question: what is boylesque? And how it’s like its female counterpart. Continue reading →