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British Burlesque Legend Jo King hosts Boylexe

British Burlesque Legend Jo King hosts Boylexe

British Burlesque Legend Jo King hosts Boylexe

On Friday 13th December, British Burlesque Legend and founder of the London Academy of Burlesque, Jo King is taking to the stage as guest host of boylesque show, Boylexe (feel free to use special offer code SEXY at the Boylexe box office.

If you’ve never met or seen her before, you’re in for a treat, but in anticipation, here’s an exclusive Jo King interview.

What are Jo King’s greatest hits (for folks who’ve never met you before)?

I’ve been in the burlesque industry for 35 years and was the first teacher-choreographer of Burlesque and Boylesque in the whole of Europe, setting up the London Academy of Burlesque. I got the title of British Burlesque Legend in 2008 in Las Vegas.

Other than that, I’ve taught Dawn O’Porter and supermodel Agyness Deyn how to move for her first movie; I’ve choreographed Immodesty Blaize and worked with Paloma Faith.

How did you get involved with Boylexe?

I slept with all the stars… No, I’m Goodtime Mama Jojo and anything that happens in the world of burlesque, I generally know about. I’ve worked with the wonderful writer-producer Howard Wilmot for the past 3 years on Boylexe’s sister show, Burlexe and he seduced me into looking after his boys.

What makes a good boylesque performer?

Passion, conviction and connection with the audience. A good boylesque dancer understands sexiness but also manages to be tongue in cheek where necessary – that’s tongue in cheek not someone else’s cheek. And originality obviously – that’s what makes us go ‘wow’, look at that!

What’s the best boylesque talent you’ve ever seen?

The best one I ever saw was in a pub 20 something years ago. A guy came on a bit like a gormless Benny Hill character with the flat cap and the goggles. He did a performance where he was reading a newspaper and managed to strip while ripping the newspaper into pieces until he got down to this tiny scrap of paper just covering his cock. Where you thought it couldn’t be that small, but then you realized he’d snuck it between his legs. When he released it, when he released it we realized he should’ve had a broadsheet.

What can we look forward to from you this Friday?

Sassiness, hilarity, unpredictability, naughtiness and a lot of mingling.

Jo King will be presiding over our fabulous cast of Alp Haydar, Phil InGud, Mr Mistress, Randolph Hott, Bobby Dee’vah and this week’s guest star, Nick Stiletto.

Doors 7pm, show 730pm at The Shadow Lounge.

Tickets £25 at the Boylexe box office: (but use special offer code SEXY to get a tenner off).