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Who’s in Boylesque Show Boylexe?

On Friday, Boylesque show Boylexe returns to our old stompin’ ground, The Shadow Lounge for the first of a four-night run, featuring the following talent.

Boylexe is a mash-up of monologues, music, striptease about the lives of men in cabaret and ‘boylesque’, all wrapped up with some pink glitter and a turquoise jockstrap.
We wanted to introduce you to the gentlemen who’ll be taking it off, putting it on, taking it off, shaking it around from Friday 26th July…

Alp Haydar
Alp is the new Kele Le Roc (who previously hosted our show) also with a nice line in smart alec-ry. An interactive cabaret artist, he’s won two London Cabaret Audience Awards and TimeOut Audience Award for his work so you’re in safe hands… or are you?

Phil InGud
Long-term collaborator Phil InGud is known to anyone who’s ever been to Boylexe and/or the Shadow Lounge. He’s currently taking it all off at Polly Rae’s Between The Sheets in The Hippodrome, so who better to whip it out for us?

Mr Mistress
‘Queerlesque’ superstar Mr Mistress was Erotic Awards Performer of the Year 2013 and was recently just pipped for the top spot at Dusty O’s Tranny Academy. He has a special love for Shania Twain.

Davis Brooks
Davis is a mystery. Let’s leave it at that. You’ll just have to come and see the show to see what he’s all about… but he’ll be popping his Boylexe cherry on Friday.

Daniel Ash
As will Daniel who’ll be ably assisting with suitable sass. We’ve only just discovered he’s a veteran of You Me Bum Bum Train. Of course he is.

And on 26th July, our special guest is Michael Standen, whom Alp calls a ‘human pretzel’. Which pretty much says it all.

Find out more about the show.

Doors – 8pm | Show – 8.30pm

Watch the Boylexe trailer.

Images via John Bland at OEM Film.

Boylesque show Boylexe arrives on 26th July

Coming to the Shadow Lounge on 26th July

Coming to the Shadow Lounge on 26th July

Boylesque show Boylexe arrives on 26th July for a run of four dates at the Shadow Lounge in the heart of Soho.

The show is about the lives of men in cabaret, striptease and ‘boylesque’ mixing male striptease with theatrical performance and taking its audience on a wild ride from the 80s to the present day via an unforgettable performance of ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman’.

Boylesque show Boylexe stars:

- London Cabaret Awards winner Alp Haydar, hosting on 26th July, 2nd August and 30th August
- Mannish from celebrated cabaret duo, Frisky and Mannish, hosting on 6th September
- Mr Mistress (Erotic Awards Performer of the Year 2013)
- Phil InGud (Chicago and Polly Rae’s Between The Sheets)
- Randolph Hott (Double R Club)
- Davis Brooks (Naked Men Singing) and special guests.

Music on the evening comes from The Back Building.

This is an 18+ Show – read Boylexe reviews from our last run.

Doors – 8pm | Show – 8.30pm

Tickets cost £25 via Eventbrite (though you get a discount of £10 by using the term SEXY or by joining the mailing list) which also include entry into the Shadow Lounge’s clubnight, which takes place afterwards.

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Image via Magnus Arrevad.

Introducing Phil InGud

Name: Phil InGud  (aka Phillip Antony, aka Phil Dzwonkiewicz)

Phil Antony in action

Introduce yourself: Hey all I’m Phil InGud, I’m from the south coast and been in London 10 years now and only recently found myself as a boylesque performer, my background is musical theatre, film and TV: I have appeared on many TV shows Paul O’Grady, Dame Edna, Everybody Dance Now…

I was in the cast of the musical Chicago for 3 years and recently returned from Germany playing in the musical Dirty Dancing. I was in the film Version of Mamma Mia and recently was filming for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s new film The World’s End and now I have  this new found LOVE of cabaret and it is amazing,

Role in Boylexe: I play Chip, Nick and Howard  and I also have a solo as Jim.

Life outside of Boylexe: Outside this great show I am a gym bunny, and enjoy spending time with family and friends and I’m partial to a little cocktail, so feel free to buy me a drink hehehehe.

Describe yourself in 5 words: Fun, caring, loyal, LOUD and optimistic

Why should we see this show: This is such an exciting show, it’s funny in so many ways and so tender in others, I’m pretty sure that through guest artists and the great writing you will be entertained and even identify with so many things regardless of gender or age. There is something and someone for everyone, and don’t be shy because we won’t be! Glass of FIZZ for me please – ENJOY ALL!!

Image of Phil InGud via Magnus Arrevad at