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Boylexe Reviews

Now twice a Time Out Critics Choice, Boylexe will be returning in 2014 but in the meantime, we wanted to share with you some of the Boylexe reviews from the media and most importantly, you the audience.

Boylexe Reviews 

Boylexe by @burlexe is sexy, funny, smart, ambitious. 1st act stolen by @mrmistress nude reverse drag strip (say that 10 times) – Ben Walters, Time Out

I genuinely had a fantastic time and would recommend this to anyone in need of a fun, light-hearted mid week session. A couple of hours long, you’ll leave with a smile on your face and that is the best result of any night out. – Nixalina, Sex and London City. Read the full review here. 

A show that mixes male burlesque with monologues, live music, gender bending, dance and a smattering of tasty-looking willies, it casts a look at the universe of male striptease that is hard to resist.’ – This Is Cabaret. Read the full review here 

Do catch them if you’re not offended by hot cocks attached to clever heads. – Michael Darling for Rarely Wears Lipstick. Read the full review here.

Thanks for an amazing night! Utterly brilliant… – Annie Player, Afterglow

Phil Anthony lovin’ it

Image via Magnus Arrevad 


Audience Feedback

Congrats to the amazing @phillipantony1 and the whole cast and crew of @BoylexeUK Had an absolute blast! – Burlesque’s Laurie Hagen

I’m not grumpy as hell to be stuck in bed while I hear about how amazing @BoylexeUK was tonight! Not at all, NOT AT ALL! I AM SOOO FINE! – Burlesque’s Lolo Brow

Sassy, sexy and vibrant – it flirted with boundaries (in an artful way!). Loved the monologues. It was just highly entertaining – I gave it a 4, so completely off Kele le Roc’s scale! Well done to all the performers (brilliant casting) and those behind the scenes who made it such a great show! - Bridget Mullahy

INCREDIBLE Boylexe show last night at the Shadow Lounge. The highs just kept on coming, faultless. Your show and the Boylexe family is ready to fly. Huge praise and kudos to Howard Wilmot, Jayne ‘Work’ Hardy , Kele Le Roc , Mr Mistress, Phil Dzwonkiewicz Randolph Hott, Teddy Boylesque and Miss Cairo Mascara. But bring back Voguer extraordinaire Bobby Dee’vah with some dialogue pretty please – Catherine Crawley

Great show! Me and my GBF loved it. Poignant, funny, sexy, entertaining. – Marina Gask

Amazing show guys, thanks so much! Here’s to next year xx – Shadow Lounge

Well done to Howard Wilmot (& all @burlexe) for TONIGHT’S @BoylexeUK. A cracking evening @theshadowlounge! Raucous. Naughty. Cocktastic. ;o) – Muzz Khan

Great show everyone – had a great time. :-) – Mark John Manley ‏