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Boylesque Show Boylexe Highlights 2013

Introducing Nick Stiletto

Introducing Nick Stiletto

Boylesque show Boylexe came to the end of its current run on Friday, 20th December 2013.

Now just over a year old, Boylesque show Boylexe has already been a Time Out Critics Choice; our team have performed for the Elton John AIDS Foundation; we’ve completed 16 shows and have featured and been supported by the brilliant talent that is:
- Alp Haydar
- (DJ) the Back Building
- Bobby Dee’vah
- Calum Ducat (at the Shadow Lounge)
- Daniel Ash
- Davis
- Honey/Sounds Wilde
- (director) Jayne Hardy
- (British Burlesque Legend) Jo King
- (video guru) John Bland
- Kele le Roc
- Magnus Arrevad
- Mannish (of Frisky and Mannish fame)
- Michael Standen
- Miss Cairo Mascara
- Mr Mistress
- the Mighty Moustache (aka Sir Leopold Aleksander)
- Nathan Evans
- (online expert) Neil Cartwright
- Nick Stiletto
- Paulius Ka
- Phil InGud
- Randolph Hott
- Sqx
- Teddy Boylesque
And apologies to anyone we’ve forgotten – sorry, we bashed this out fast!

We’re now selling T-shirts and posters too in the Boylexe online store, so we’re quite pleased with ourselves in a hatefully smug way.

But of course, we’d be nothing without your support, so a huge thanks to everyone who’s come to see us waggling our business and telling our stories and an extra special shout-out to those of you who’ve come back again and again!

And because it’s the end of the year and we’re feeling a bit special, we’re asking some of our crew what have been their personal highlights from the past year

Boylexe Selfie via Phil InGud

Boylexe Selfie via Phil InGud

‘My favourite moments of Boylexe are every moment of applause that was directed at me personally. None of the crap I had to share with others.’- Mr Mistress.

‘My highlight has been getting my very own speaking part after a year of looking after these prima donnas and then getting to outshine them every single time!’Bobby Dee’vah

‘So it’s been an amazing year and the show has changed so much. I have loved meeting this crazy bunch of people! We’ve had so many great audiences! And I look forward to coming back next year and see where we can take it next year! New acts new craziness!’Phil In Gud
‘I think my personal highlight was seeing Mr Mistress tear down the house last week. Describing three birthday boys in the front row as “Starter, main course and dessert” was the funniest I’ve heard all year too! This show is such a pleasure to be a part of.’Randolph Hott
‘Kele Le Roc. Rollerskates. Xanadu. DREAM. COME. TRUE’ – director, Jayne Hardy

‘I’ve only just popped my Boylexe cherry, but of course having the gorgeous Jo king orchestrating all the boys was a highlight last Friday and my opening night the week before was great fun – I always love a new crowd and venue.’Nick Stiletto

We will be back in the New Year. And we’ve got lots of exciting plans lined up for 2014, so see you on the other side. Thank you again all for your support.

Boylexe Selfie via Phil InGud

Boylesque show Boylexe arrives on 26th July

Coming to the Shadow Lounge on 26th July

Coming to the Shadow Lounge on 26th July

Boylesque show Boylexe arrives on 26th July for a run of four dates at the Shadow Lounge in the heart of Soho.

The show is about the lives of men in cabaret, striptease and ‘boylesque’ mixing male striptease with theatrical performance and taking its audience on a wild ride from the 80s to the present day via an unforgettable performance of ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman’.

Boylesque show Boylexe stars:

- London Cabaret Awards winner Alp Haydar, hosting on 26th July, 2nd August and 30th August
- Mannish from celebrated cabaret duo, Frisky and Mannish, hosting on 6th September
- Mr Mistress (Erotic Awards Performer of the Year 2013)
- Phil InGud (Chicago and Polly Rae’s Between The Sheets)
- Randolph Hott (Double R Club)
- Davis Brooks (Naked Men Singing) and special guests.

Music on the evening comes from The Back Building.

This is an 18+ Show – read Boylexe reviews from our last run.

Doors – 8pm | Show – 8.30pm

Tickets cost £25 via Eventbrite (though you get a discount of £10 by using the term SEXY or by joining the mailing list) which also include entry into the Shadow Lounge’s clubnight, which takes place afterwards.

Hang out with us via Facebook and Twitter.

Image via Magnus Arrevad.