Male Burlesque Show Boylexe Pop-Up with Goodtime Cabhooray

Boylexe-Goodtime Cabhooray


Male burlesque show Boylexe is a unique experience featuring the inspiring stories of its stars, male striptease (‘boylesque’) and a plethora of muppetry like you’ve never seen before. And now we’re hosting a special one-off in association with British Burlesque Legend Jo King…

For the past four years, Boylexe has had residencies in the Shadow Lounge in Soho and most recently, Cecil’s in London Bridge and established itself as the go-to event for ‘boylesque’ in the UK thanks to its quality talent from the UK cabaret and burlesque scenes.

Now for one special pop-up performance on 6th May, we are teaming up with British Burlesque Legend, Goodtime Mama Jojo’s Goodtime Cabhooray for a unique ‘taster’ show featuring a selection of our stars at the exclusive Blind Bee members club.

Our Boylexe Stars

Every Boylexe show is different and stars the very best of the UK’s underground cabaret scene featuring our regular stars among others.

On 6th May, our stage was graced by:

- Drag star Meth
- Doing what it says on the label, Throberto
- And a welcome return from The Mighty Moustache, aka Sir Leopold Aleksander, who’ll be bending us and maybe some metal in all sorts of ways

The whole shebang of course was hosted by Goodtime Mama Jojo and assisted by Lilly Snatchdragon.

Here’s what we looked like (left to right: Lilly Snatchdragon, Throberto, Brittle, Jo King and Meth)…


And here’s what people said…

- ‘Great Friday night of fun @BoylexeUK with @The LionofLondon. Top show @burlexe only just recovered!! Lol!’ – via Twitter
- ‘So my burlesque experience yest was pants but today it’s ace. Lovin @BoylexeUK. Thank you for making me forget my bad 1st experience’ – via Twitter
- ‘Last night’s show was AMAZING!!! And as I’m a cynical and jaded old bird it takes a lot to impress me… but it did…’ – via Facebook
- ‘Had a fabulous time… particularly impressed by the riding of the invisible horse in ridiculously high heels and also the bare buns… thank you!’ – via Facebook