The Boylexe playas(!) are, have been and include the following stars of r’n’b, cabaret, burlesque and boylesque and mirror burlesque-show, Burlexe.

Meet our long-term members

Phil InGud

- Phil InGud, 2012 – 2015 (Chicago and Polly Rae’s Between The Sheets). Meet Phil.

Randolph Hott

- Randolph Hott, 2012 – Present (The Double R Club, Carnesky’s Tarot Drome). Meet Randolph.

Mr Mistress

- Meth, formerly Mr Mistress, 2012 – Present (British Boylesque 1st Runner Up at World Burlesque Games 2012). Meet Meth.

Alp Haydar, 2013 – Present. Meet Alp.

- Bobby De’vah , 2012 – Present

- The Mighty Moustache, 2013 – Present. Meet The Mighty Moustache.

- Pi the Mime, 2015 – Present


And our guests

2015 – Baby Lame, Throberto, Phoenix, Ruby Wednesday

2014 – Reuben Kaye, meet Reuben, Nick Stiletto, meet Nick.

2013Mannish from Frisky and Mannish, meet Mannish, Davis Brooks, Teddy Boylesque  

2012 - Miss Cairo Mascara, Patric Deony, Nine Bob Rob


And we’ve occasionally been supported by some of our female friends from the critically acclaimed production, Burlexe.

- Jo King, 2013 & 2016. Meet Jo King.

Kele le Roc, 2012, [2 x Mobo Award winner, Basement Jaxx]. Meet Kele at our sister site, Burlexe.

Boylexe is created, curated, written and produced by Howard Wilmot with boylesque supervised by London Academy of Burlesque’s Jo King.

Images via Magnus Arrevad at www.arrevad.com